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Dr Nelson Lee
Medical Director & Psychiatrist

MBBS Singapore
Masters of Medicine (Psychiatry / Singapore)
Grad Dip Psychotherapy (Distinction)

Dr Nelson Lee is a psychiatrist who graduated with his basic medical degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has a keen interest in the human mind and subsequently specialised in Psychiatry and qualified with his Masters in Medicine (Psychiatry) (Singapore). He is now part of a small group of psychiatrists in Singapore in private practice.   

Dr Nelson Lee's main area of interest in Psychiatry is in the treatment of anxiety, stress and mood related disorders, particularly Depression and Bipolar disorders. He also has interest in the treatment of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric disorders like ADHD as well as the use of psychotherapeutic techniques in treatment. He holds a Diploma in Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy (Distinction) from the National University of Singapore (NUS).  Having a wealth of experience from seeing many psychiatric patients over the years, he is well versed in the spectrum of psychiatric disorders and is intuitive in picking up the nuances of each psychiatric disorder and familiar with the challenges faced in patients with dual or co-existing psychiatric disorders. He is also current with advances in pharmacology and medication usage, keeping abreast with current research to optimize patient outcomes with the state of the art in psychopharmacology.

He has had rich and memorable experiences handling both clients from Singapore and also International and Expatriate patients, and is keenly aware of the challenges and potential psychiatric issues that expatriates and their families may face when settling in Singapore.   He was previously the Director of the Ministry of Health's Mental Health GP partnership programme. He was also con-currently Deputy Chief of the Department of General Psychiatry 1, Institute of Mental Health (This is the largest  tertiary psychiatric facility in Singapore). He has since ventured into private practice.  

Dr Lee is best known by his patients both in Singapore and abroad as a Psychiatrist with a friendly, cheerful and approachable disposition. He believes that being human is perhaps the most important trait that a psychiatrist should have. His consistent and excellent bedside manner had resulted in him being awarded the National Healthcare Group's Service Champion and Service Pillar awards (at least 4 consecutive quarters of service champion awards) on numerous occasions. These awards were garnered from feedback from patients under his care who felt that he had gone the extra mile, and this was often despite very busy clinics. He had also been awarded Spring Singapore’s Excellent Service Star Award (EXSA). More impressively, he was also top three in the EXSA SuperStar category, the highest tier of the EXSA awards (Awarded to the best 3 healthcare service providers across the whole Singapore).   Dr Nelson Lee has also been active in the Singapore Psychiatric Association and has been previously elected as its Vice-President as well as its Honorary Secretary. He was  also elected as Singapore's representative to the World Psychiatric Association's Young Psychiatrist Council. 

As a psychiatrist, he believes in educating other medical professionals as well as the general public. He believes this is  part of his duty, as this is the best way to reduce the misconceptions and stigma associated with psychological disorders in Singapore as well as in the region.   He has published articles in medical  and psychiatric publications in Singapore and internationally, and with this he also keeps up with International best practices in psychiatry. He has also published a book on coping with stress, a children’s book on enuresis and also contributed the chapter on suicide to the publication “Beating the Blues”, a book on depression in Singapore. He is also interested in teaching and was previously appointed as a clinical tutor (Psychiatry) to the National University Singapore. He was awarded the National Healthcare Group (NHG) excellence in teaching award and has been the lead module developer for two of the modules in the Graduate Diploma in Psychiatry, Singapore (an initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Health, Singapore).  

In his spare time, he enjoys reading a good book and dabbles occasionally in writing of poetry.