The Psychological Wellness Centre

Psychiatrist in Singapore treating ADHD, Anxiety and Depression
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The Psychological Wellness Centre

The Psychiatric Clinic in Singapore

Dr Nelson Lee is a psychiatrist who has always been  passionate about matters of the mind. He wanted to establish a place where he could focus on the best practices in psychiatric care in Singapore and be able to implement this with the main focus on clinical improvement in his patients. His vision was for an environment where the patients could feel at peace and begin their emotional healing journey.  The hope was for the transformation and metamorphosis from distress to wellness.

The Psychological Wellness Centre was founded as a result of these ideals.

The clinic is easily accessible and provides a comfortable setting where patients are quickly put at ease with a team that is understanding and empathetic to appropriately address and manage any psychiatric issues you or your loved one may be suffering from. Privacy is ensured as this is a stand alone facility and is not shared with other clinics.

Patients may be referred by other doctors, recommended by friends or relatives. It may even just be good for you to call us directly for an appointment to arrange a best time for us to see you. Depression, anxiety and ADHD are the most common conditions treated but Dr Lee is well versed to address all the different psychiatric conditions you may suffer from.

The Message behind our Clinic Logo

The butterfly is formed by leaflets budding. The young leaves signify hope and growth with guidance and nurturing by our team; turning over a new leaf and starting a new chapter of one's lives with reintegration with socio-occupational functioning..

The butterfly symbolizes our expectations for each and everyone of our patients. Metamorphosis from illness to wellness. Achieving full potential with the ability to take graceful flight again.  

Dr Nelson Lee was educated in the National University of Singapore and is experienced in treating both local and expatriates as well as patients visiting from abroad for various psychiatric conditions. Common psychiatric conditions seen include Major Depressionanxiety disorders and ADHD. Rest assured that your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Explore the site to find out more about common psychiatric conditions and what to expect when you visit our psychiatric clinic.

"A Psychiatric clinic In Singapore which aims to provide an environment where emotional healing can begin; where we act as a guide for our clients to reach their full potential, be the best they can be, en-route to fulfilling their dreams, hopes and aspirations"      

Dr Nelson Lee
Medical Director & Psychiatrist (Singapore)
The Psychological Wellness Centre